Wedding Logistics


For those who know me, you might know that I am getting married in three months… the stress is growing, the last details are adding up, and days go by as slow as a snail! From your own experience, from friends, family members or even movies, you know: getting married is not a piece of cake (do you see the joke… 😉 )

Like any events, a wedding needs organization, and to organize well, we use logistics! In the dictionary, logistics means: “the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation”, and a wedding is one of the most complex one!

We can apply many logistics concepts that we previously used before, for example inventory management. Indeed, as many guests are going to arrive to one single locations, you might want to think about what they are going to eat during the D Day, and thus order the perfect amount so that everybody is satiated. We can also use cycle inventory, by bringing wine to the tables, the waiters have different choices: are they going to let the bottle on the table and let the guests help themselves? Are they going to fill the guests’ cups themselves? This last solution might be more expensive and should thus be examined with great care.

Bringing the food from the chef to the tables is not as easy as it sounds and needs to be meticulously prepared either by you or by the catering service that is going to help you during this special day. 300 guests means around 30 tables, 600 plates, 900 glasses, 1800 pieces of cutlery, etc. All of these items are going to be delivered by waiters that will serve one by one each table of the reception, enabling every guest to eat a warm meal without having to wait for too long. The tables themselves are a real dilemma: who is going to sit next to this old aunt of yours that is always speaking nonsense? If you thought you would let the guests do as they please, let me stop you right here, it is more complicated that it seems… If you want to learn more about catering logistics, you can look at this link:  


Wedding logistics also includes waste management. For 300 guests, which makes 900 dishes (for a three courses dinner), there is going to be a lot of waste, and the catering service might not want to keep it, but will rather throw it away. Researchers from the Guardian have established that a tenth of all the food in a wedding is thrown away (which represents on average 650 euros). Hopefully many solutions exist: giving it away, finishing the food the next day, etc. (


Anyways, I have got some planning to do! But if you enjoyed this post and have more questions… do not hesitate to ask me 😉


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