Wearable technology in logistics!!

We all know about wearable technology, but let us how it is helpful in logistics! We all know the usefulness of cloud computing in supply chain, Wearable technology is the same thing paring cloud to small device such as Apple watch, Fitbit, Google glasses; which help worker to work efficiently without carry tablet with them. These devices automatically input data without any error.


  • No stress to workers as now there is no need to carry tablet in warehouse for any details. Google glasses, Apple watches are quite convenient and hands-free to access it without burden.
  • It speeds up the process and almost zero chance of error. As it captures data automatically and update in ERP system, there is no need to update data manually. For example, it can take a photo of current situation and can transfer in database in real time, so that it can be helpful to have document ready for suppliers to show them what is lacking. As a result, it reduces time consumption. Moreover, it helps the person to find out product easily in warehouse and information related to product can get fast; no need of papers and rechecking.
  • It is reliable, as it gives complete information about product, pallet, in which row product is, how much stock is needed to fill the pallet or how much stock is remaining.





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