Energy alternatives

Working for the HOF3M project we were researching on sustainable transport alternatives from a double perspective: economic and ecological.

  • Economical in the way you can reduce costs by using these systems.
  • Ecological because they are less polluting than other transport models.

Diving through the net I was surprised by a new, not because it was spectacular or overly novel, but because I simply did not know it: the use of natural gas as an alternative fuel to petroleum derivatives.

According to GASNAM, this fuel is the first alternative fuel in Spain and its use is being boosted in different sectors (The MOVEA 2017 Plan plans to allocate 2.08 million euros for natural gas vehicles, especially to increase the number of cargo stations).

This type of fuel is valid for all vehicles, the use of which is notable in public transport and freight transport, due to the high autonomy that these vehicles achieve and the environmental and economic advantages.

Specifically it is 50% cheaper than gasoline and 30% diesel (it would be possible to travel by car from Barcelona to Madrid for 20 euros) and represents a saving of 25% of CO2 compared to gasoline, and a reduction of 87% nitrogen oxide compared to a diesel vehicle.

The European Union has about two million vehicles powered by CNG: Italy is the main European market for this fuel.

The future increase in the network of gas refueling points could stimulate the sale of these types of vehicles in our country.



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