Simplr: Warehouse management software

We have been designing different layouts, taking decissions about how stock flows, orders, deliveries, inventory management, etc.

But, how technology helps in this issue? There are some softwares dedicated to help on some of the tasks we have seen in class, and in fact nowadays are the base of companies warehouse management.


In the next video, we can see the presentation of a software called: Simplr warehouse.


As we have seen, this software replaces traditional way of managing warehouses in different phases of ware house management such as inventory, stock of godos, delivery and so on. It has been great to have an approach of basic logistics concepts, since gives us the idea of how logistics play a key role in business. Adding to this, the softwares companies have the chance in order to ease this task can be also interesting for the class, so I have tried to show an example. I hope it can be helpful for you.


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