The hospitals and pharmacies of the whole world have to work daily with an infinite number of medicines and compounds, being this, an arduous task. Concretely, they do not only have to deal with a big number of items in inventory but also have to struggle with an enormous flow of information. How do the hospitals and the pharmacies manage this difficulty?

As we well know, the logistics automation has landed in the society in order to make easier the manipulation of materials and information, also in the case of pharmacies and hospitals. In particular, to get this aim they use robots.

Pharmacy before and after

When a client or a hospital worker go to the pharmacy in search of medicines, the pharmacy put the order in the computer and automatically the medicines are received, as you can see in the following video.

The restoring of the stock realized by the pharmacist is also intuitive and automatic, the responsible insert the medicines in a scanner and the robot stores them automatically. The video bellow shows us this process.

The advantages of this technological inventory system are:

  • Better inventory control, being able to cover peaks of demand, without extra work, thanks to a perfect monitoring of entrances and exits.
  • Possibility to store by expiration date.
  • Avoiding the human error and increasing safety.
  • Faster service for the worker and customer, reducing thus the queue and increasing the customer satisfaction.
  • Space exploitation that allows the increase of the inventory

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