Green supply chain apps: a sustainable chain

Have you heard of CarbonStory? Based on gamification, this app for a sustainable supply chain allows organizations to calculate their environmental impact and helps them reduce their carbon footprint while competing with other companies. Technology once again combines with supply chain sustainability and, in the form of apps, makes operations greener than ever.

Do you know the applications that could improve the management?

  1. Sustainability in transportation: The Canvas application has been designed to help optimize the processes of transportation and global logistics management.
  2. Packaging Sustainability: COMPASS is an application that allows designers and packaging engineers to compare the human and environmental impacts of up to four different designs.
  3. End-to-end sustainability: The environmental responsibility of suppliers and supply chain partners is easier to monitor thanks to applications such as Ecodesk.
  4. Sustainability in the supply: The Frequentz app gives you access to the traceability of your sourcing function.

Example of one of them:


I consider that companies need to invest in new technology like this because it would allow them to grow in the market and to have all the control in the supply chain.




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