Healthcare logistics in Galicia

Why logistics for healthcare products it’s a so difficult task?

High number of different SKU (Stock Keeping Units)

Some of them have a very short period of validity.

In addition, some of them has to preserve special conditions (cold chain)


What are the most important thing that logistics company have to manage?

Surprisingly, the most important logistic resource is documentation, digital documentation is the most important resource that they have to manage. Documentation has to be always available so servers has to be running 24 hours 365 days, and if there is a problem, one backup server must turn it on and substitute failed server.


What’s more?

Blood, organs, vaccines, antibiotics, anticoagulants, paracetamol, ibuprofen, and thousands of different medicines…


An example

Servicio móvil is working for Galicia Healthcare Service (SERGAS) (SERvicio GAlego de Saúde) since 2013. They are managing the logistic of the whole community (688 hospitals) using a big warehouse (17000 m3) in the centre of the community (close to Santiago) where they stock more than 8000 different SKUs. Some of them has to be high controlled due to their period of validity or temperature. Their warehouse is full automatic with 46 shuttles that place and search all the products using more than 22000 different places.

Furthermore, they have 159 employees, 37 vehicles, that receive around 2000 product lines and send around 3500 orders per day.

Finally, I must say that all this logistic system saves 20 million € per year to our Healthcare Service.


In this video, you can see a very clear summary of the service of the company.


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