Assembly line concepts

Since a few sessions we thought about the design of a production factory. During the last decades a lot of clever people did that, and the kind of flow inside a factory changed consequently a lot.

It exist three main types of assembly line concepts in the industry:

  1. Serpentines (used during the 70-80s)
  • Traditional concept
  • High pace
  • Used in many plants: For example at BMW in Dingolfing

As    as2

2.  The PLUS (used in the 90s)

  • Improved logistics through better integration of suppliers
  • Used for example in the Daimler/Smart factory in Hambach

as3  as4

3.  COMB (used since the 00’s)

  • Direct logistical supply via cross-docks
  • Typical with enhanced convoying system
  • Used for example in the BMW factory in Leipzig

as5   as6

This developments let to a increasing efficiency and productivity and shows that in this field a low of changes happened recently. And there is probably still a way to go.


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