I have a friend in Colombia who created a company to reuse containers and use them as offices in construction sites, i have also seen in Colombia how they made a whole location into a containers dining, with up to 10 different restaurant offering their food in containers, it’s actually called “Los Contenedores” (The Containers in English), i have also seen how in different countries they were used for prefabricated houses, small ones but perfect for bohemian kind of nomad people that enjoy few space with just the things they need. But I have never seen containers used as pools!

Well, Canadian company Modpool is making pools out of reused containers to install in just a few minutes at home! They claim that containers are made to be very lasting and have pools available in two sizes: 2,4X6 meters and 2,4X12.2 meters, both with a depth of 1,35 meters and a price starting from 24.000 euros, with the advantage of reducing the containers carbon footprint.

The pool has a powerful filtering and maintenance system, and is able to warm the water in less than one hour from outside temperatures of -10 Celsius up to 30 Celsius.

I think the industry has made available such a big amount of used containers that people are getting every time more creative with the way of reusing them and putting them to produce again.




Images from: idealista.com

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