While doing this blog I discovered I have a special connection with Amazon because all the topics we were reviewing in class I related them with Amazon’s innovations and supply chain. This time Amazon is offering an innovating way of shipping and it is through Amazon Primer Air, which is a delivery system design by the company in order to grab packages to customers in less than 30 minutes using drones. Prime air aims to provide a faster and safer service delivery to customers that will improve the transportation efficiency of the company, as well as a it will increase productivity through the whole supply chain.


As you can see in the video the Prime air drops the package in the customer’s house and it continues its way for the other deliveries. Thus, the system delivery proves is efficiency by no wasting time between deliveries, as the first customer is serve, it will immediately depart to its next stop. So, it does not only benefit the customer by delivering products in a record time but also to the company who will increase its orders capacity.

amazon prime air

Amazon is in a constantly innovation processes herewith that the drone project has been a challenge for the company because until December 2016 it was test for the firt time. This trial took place in a rural town in Cambridge but in order to work properly Amazon should have to wait for the Federal Aviation Administration policies for flying over populated areas and beyond the line of sight of the operation, which could take years. So, unfortunately we would not see this awesome invention in small amount of time but it will revolutionize the way of shipping.




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