Have a look at the future of transportation

Blade Runner, Stars Wars, The Fifth Element, Futurama… they all belong to the genre of science fiction, and pose a future society in which humans live with robots or even aliens in highly technological cities.

This is how many people imagine the future. Even when the social structure, the political system, the economic activity or the technological scope are different in one reality or another, they all converge in a common point: the existence of flying cars.

This is a reality that sooner or later we will have to assimilate, not as a possible imaginary scenario, but with the normality with which we currently accept airplanes or high-speed trains.

Apparently, the first steps towards this new paradigm are being given by Elevate, Uber’s most futuristic division, which aims to create a fleet of flying cars between San Francisco and Napa, one of California’s preferred tourist destinations.

Jeff Holden, head of product at Elevate, also announced that they expect to bring flying cars to cities in less than five years. The first city to be tested will be Dubai, and they expect this service to be operational in less than ten years.

Little more is known about this new product, only that extraordinary future we saw in fiction films is closer to what we expect, and that will certainly mean a paradigm shift for the transport sector.

And now, a moment of madness for those in love with science fiction:



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