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These news about Flexe company draw my attention while I was reading some different news related with logistics stuff. In a headline remarked that a new company was competing against Amazon (the leading warehouse company in the world) through Airbnb method, thing that also made me to pay more attention to it.

Flexe is a startup from Seattle that offers to their digital users something that even Amazon has never done: make a delivery in one night at any place of the country. In less than five years, the company has created a market of spare storage space in 550 warehouses, fact that has made them have quickly a better geographic coverage than Amazon.

Flexe has not spent any money in their facilities and already has around 2.3 millions square meters of warehouse, approximately a 25% Amazon’s capacity, and expects adding 900,000 square meters this year.

This works similarly to Airbnb platform, which is used to publish and book a private apartment. However, in this case, the private comanies book warehouse space through an easy to navigate website.

The new night delivery service begins the 15th of May, and it will be useful for the businesses  in order to look for new ways to reach the customers, owing to the few possibilities of competing against Amazon. Thanks that the whole stock of the different companies is scattered all over the country, night deliveries can be carried out by truck instead of doing it by plane, saving costs.

This news is not only about logistics, it is also related with the innovation that some companies have to carry out in order to compete against other remarkable brands, like Amazon in this case, which despite it is difficult to compete with these companies, some creative and innovative businesses differing form these important ones with a successful innovation in its field.

There is attached the link to their website if someone is interested in learning more about this company: https://www.flexe.com/

Source: http://www.logisticaytransporte.es/noticias.php/Flexe,-el-nuevo-Airbnb-de-almacenes,-le-hace-la-competencia-a-Amazon.-cl.-flexe,-airbnb,-amazon./82676



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