Picking area: How to design

In the last class of Logistics, we were talking about picking area design. So, we can say that design is the best ally of efficiency when we talk about picking. We must take into account the next recommendations when we will design a picking area.

-Best routes: think about the movements that will be carried out by each operator and try to eliminate the passages without added value.

-Minimum distances: Excessive travels add minutes and increase risk. In addition to losing efficiency, the chances of a worker suffering a fall, blow or shock are increasing.

-Logic: Put the products that are most frequently chosen during the picking in the most visible and easy to reach places.

-Ergonomics: the responsibilities of a manager is to ensure the health of your workers. The most common selection shelves should be placed at a height between the waist and shoulder. In this way you avoid that the people in charge of carrying out the picking have to crouch or have to make manipulations of products over the shoulder.

In addition to design, it is necessary to take into account the training needs of the staff. Having well-prepared picking operators can mean that they earn minutes on a daily basis, while the confusion and insecurity caused by the lack of information is the formula for the start of delays and bottlenecks.

Resultado de imagen de picking

One thought on “Picking area: How to design”

  1. Pamela is important to mention that you should take as much gravity as possible to get the product, this is not only in one store but also in many other areas where it can be implemented.

    For example, imagine that the customer does not have to leave the car to buy a bottle of water when refueling gas, but it can pass through a conduit thrown from the store that is on the second level of a gas station.

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