Factors to Consider In Warehouse Layout Design

The last class we talked about the importance of layout in a warehouse about its main areas such as Docks, Picking store and reserve storage. Also as it arises the need to calculate the capacity of pallets that can be inside a warehouse considering the size of the same, for that reason we will see below the important factors to make a perfect design, which are:


This process is very essential because it allows the free space between the movements of the product which should be placed conveniently to avoid wasting time to have ease.


It is important to allow easy and quick access to each of the pallets within the warehouse. The space in the warehouse must be properly organized to obtain the articles with the greatest ease and identification possible for the acquisition of the merchandise.


The space allocated for the activities inside the warehouse has to be calculated and compared to the remaining space for the good placement of the equipment and raw material. etc


The type of product and the speed at which it flows in the system are evaluated. Checking factors that will have an impact on the speed of the system, which are the volume, fragility and flexibility.

Local plans

It is important that you comply with state regulations. Guaranteed safety in the work environment.

Site details

According to the characteristics of the place will define the final design of warehouse. Including other factors such as topography, drainage and soil condition as it should be designed with a raised floor to protect the materials.

Financial consideration

The main step is to consider the amount of money before you start with the warehouse design. Once the budget is made you can do the planning of the construction. Some of the designs are more expensive than others so you have to consider several factors.




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