DHL Supply Chain

The growth in global manufacturing trading creates a complicated supply chain which is involving multiple parties with the same goal: to provide and excellent service to the customer.


It is a challenge to align efficiently all the parties, taking into account the differences that may exist among them as duplicated data or unstructured and untraceable communications, which creates uncertainty about where your products are every time. Thus, the system  become reactive rather than proactive.



One Collaborative Communications Platform 


The platform provides end-to-end visibility with 100% live updated information, which will create confidence for the customer because he will now at every time in live where is exactly the product. Moreover will provide the necessary information in order to avoid and prevent any issue.

How it works?


Throughout the order, the engineer, the courier, warehouse operative and all managerial users can connect directly by using live chat  by using the smart technology noticing every errors, delays or any issue that can arise.

In conclusion, the system creates an environment where, increase visibility and control, improved planning and probability and bring all contributors of the supply chain into a single collaborative platform  in order to increase efficiency by connecting all the parts.

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