It is common to see many tall building in my city Medellin, not as in Valencia for example, were the buildings are only a certain high, in my city there are buildings up to 40 floors high with parking floors that account for the first 3 to 4 floors. But not every building has so many parking spaces, in fact shopping malls, which are all around the city, have been presenting this issue for a long time, people on weekends especially, try to get a parking space in the malls and it is sometimes impossible!.

So there was an ophthalmologist clinic that first introduced in the city the automated parking because many customers didn’t find a space where to leave their car and prefer to go to another ophthalmologist, being followed afterwards by one of the biggest shopping mall called Oviedo, which has many squared meters already in use but could build a facility taking advantage of the high and undergorung spaces which made the accommodation of vehicles more efficient. The facility operates under Korean technology picks the cars and stores them one on top of the other by automated machines in a modular system which allows to accommodate 210 cars in the same space where only 18 could be placed, and the customer gets to retrieve their car by scanning a bar code or just entering the license of the vehicle into a monitor.

The system besides saving space, has proven to very successful in terms of safety and accident prevention, allowing the customer to feel a lot more comfortable than using regular valet parking and helping them have their car in less than 2 minutes.

It is by innovations like this that the mobility in the city is improved and new technology gets to be accessed.


2 thoughts on “AUTOMATED PARKING”

  1. This is usually in cities with a lot of traffic congestion. It have many positive things like taking advantage of the vertical space but also has negative things and one of them is the high cost.

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