Hi to everyone, I recently read an article about Matternet which is a new revolutionary drone and its main use will be industrial improving the performance of the companies.I will introduce you some of its features:

Drone logistics system

Matternet M2 is the new drone logistics system from Matternet. Featuring automatic payload and battery exchange capability, intelligent routing and monitoring, precision landing and intuitive command and control. The M2 is designed to address complex challenges in last mile and on-demand logistics.

For cities and industry

Matternet M2 is designed to operate around people and infrastructure within urban, suburban and industrial environments. Matternet M2 brings end-to-end automation in bi-directional logistics with safe, precisely-controlled vehicles enabling unprecedented efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness.


Up to 2kg, up to 20km

More than 90% of the goods transported over the last mile weigh less than 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds). A Matternet M2 delivers 24/7/365 over distances of up to 20 kilometers (12 miles) on a single battery charge.


Matternet’s proprietary cloud system guides Matternet M2 along a secure route in approved airspace at low altitude – between 50 and 100 meters above ground – avoiding tall buildings, infrastructure and populated areas. The company has also developed software that enables their drones to actively analyze the best route, avoiding issues like inclement weather and even restricted airspace.


Matternet M2 is designed to be safe around people and infrastructure. It is engineered with encrypted communications, a parachute, precision landing and a host of other safety features. Our technology has been certified by leading aviation authorities around the world including NASA and the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation.


In my opinion, this innovative product will make our lives easier, because will offer a different way of delivery, so companies can offer a quick delivery adding value to its products and also will be environmentally friendly because will avoid the transportation in trucks which issue CO2 and contaminate the atmosphere.

Have a look on this video where you can see an example of how it works.





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