Futuristic (or not) solution to traffic congestion

Three years ago, when I lived in Paris, I used to confront traffic congestion. It was horrible!!! Distances that usually took 10′ to pass, became hours at peak times, usually when I came back from work. I have awful memories about how much time I used to spend in my car, listenning podcasts to learn french.

Therefore, after my terrible experience, when I read ideas like this I feel so hopeful about how we could improve traffic circulation in congested cities.

A firm called “Boring Company” is studying a project to solve this situations. The solution is about  building multiple tunnels underground, accessible by a lift system. Each tunnel would have a railway which will transport each vehicle to a suitable point at a maximum speed of 200 km/h.

It is much more comprehensible when explained through images; therefore, the next video shows a simulation about how it could work.

Honestly, I wish we could use this kind of systems to avoid traffic congestions, that could help a lot of people to spend more time with family, friends and to balance work with social life.

2 thoughts on “Futuristic (or not) solution to traffic congestion”

  1. Very interesting, it will certainly have positive results in logistics. The serious question in what time can be implemented.

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