Smart Transport Robots supporting BMW

After graduating I was working in 2016 for BMW AG in the strategic sales development in the headquater in Munich. Because of my passion for this brand I tried to get as much insight knowledge as possible. This emloyer gave me the possibility to see different processes. Since I left the company I still keep in touch and read about company news and process change. For this Blog I found a nice article about supporting their logistic processes by a small automatic driving roboter.

Image result for BMW i3 and battery

In the BMW Innovationspark and the Wackersdorf utility center, the car manufacturer BMW is deploying a driverless transport system together with ‘Fraunhofer IML’. In the Oberpfalz location (a part in Bavaria / Germany – my former home), a fleet of ten self-propelled Smart Transport Robots (STR) are transportsing components through the halls and support the logistic processes. The STR uses existing batteries from the electric car BMW i3 on a sustained basis and can transport containers weighing up to 500 kilograms. The BMW i3 was launched in 2013 and is one of the german innovation flagships in electric mobility. BMW i is the new foundend brand for these future mobility.

The video of the german science institute¬† “Fraunhofer IML” shows the basic grabing work of this roboter. The special feature: the self-propelled transport robot does not need any induction loops installed in the ground for navigation, it travels freely through the logistics halls. With the capacity of 500 kg supports the daily business in the manufacturing halls and is amazingly flexbile because of the radio-navigation.


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