Formula 1 Logistics

All of you who like to watch Formula 1 races, have you ever asked yourself how the race teams make it possible to be ready for a start in a completely different country every second week? This post will give you an overview about the enormous logistical effort.

A Formula 1 team travels around 160.000 kilometer in a season. This is a distance of almost four times around the world.  For those travels, each team has an own department which is responsible for the organization. On the one hand they have to book about 7.000 trips for the staff, including hotels, flights, transportation and visa applications. On the other hand they have to organize the transport of the needed equipment.
For the departments it is a huge difference where the race happens. Whereas a  trip in Europe will be organized by trucks, the logistical effort for races overseas is much more complicated. The average equipment a team brings  from one country to the other weights about 300 tons. This is about 24 full load trucks. For a race outside of Europe it more complicated. The Equipment and personnel has to be reduced to a minimum since everything has to be transported in airplanes. Since a few years the FIA has stated new regulations that each team is not allowed to bring more than 45 employees and 30 tons of equipment to a race overseas (This is only ten percent of the normal equipment). This is due to the fact that many teams exaggerated with their effort trying to bring all the material and staff to races overseas which was too much pain for the FIA.

A lot of effort for a race which takes only 2 hours.

One thought on “Formula 1 Logistics”

  1. An important point in the logistics associated with its theme , is that the weight of the cargo transported is a direct factor associated with the cost of transportation because more effort must be invested to mobilize the cargo.

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