FedEx Logistic

In the last class we worked with Moon chem case and we were asking to our-self if there was any company that would stock for another one.

FedEx brings to their customers many logistic solutions. These services are divided depending on the customer’s needs. Now we will see three of those services:

  1. FedEx’s distribution centers:  these centers offer companies strategic storage services, recurring to a network of storage in the U.S. and the foreigner. The goods held in these centers are available continuously for 24 hour delivery.
  2. Management of FedEx returns: FedEx return solutions are designed to fit the return area of a company in the supply chain. These intelligent processing tools give customers services that offer collection, delivery and online tracking for the items that it is necessary to return.
  3. Other services with added value: FedEx offers to its clients many other services to add value. An example of these is a combination service in transit rendered to many clients who require for a quick delivery. For example, in the transit combination program for a computer picker, FedEx may store peripheral  products as monitors and printers at its Memphis air center and to join those products with the computer during its shipment to the customer.Resultado de imagen de FEDEX COMPAÑÍA GLOBAL LIDER EN LOGISTICA

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