Airport Baggage Handling

Have you ever been waiting at an airport for your luggage after a flight, wondering if it will really appear or is lost?

I love traveling and every time I wait for my suitcase, I’m afraid that it somehow got lost or was shipped to a wrong destination. And this fear is not without a reason: we were in a factory producing the conveyor belts for airports, and hell, this is complicated.

But to calm you a little, 99.3% of the suitcases of the 3.5 BILLION passengers/year arrive without damage in their destination. Even though the number of passengers increases each year the number of lost or damaged baggage decreases – thanks to super intelligent technology. If you ever have been to a big airport like Madrid, New York, Frankfurt or Shanghai you know how many terminals and flights there are. So, how does it work that everything is in the right place. In the video you can see how it looks like behind the scenes.


Some data behind it on the example of the Siemens baggage handling solution:

  • in rush times it can handle up to 19.200 pieces per HOUR, on a day that would be 460.800 pieces of luggage. This number is extracted from the Beijing Airport Terminal 3. The airport has 3 of them so daily the system could theoretically handle 1.382.400 pieces of luggage.. per day.
  • their tray system is currently the fastest in the world with rush speed of 10 m/s. In other words 36 km/h. The average velocity when you go on bike is 10 – 20 km/h. So it is twice as fast as you on a bike.
  • the system runs automatically. So, once the luggage is coded it finds its own way to its plane. That’s why the number of lost luggage is decreased. Because the plane as well as the luggage know if there is something wrong.



2 thoughts on “Airport Baggage Handling”

  1. Good video. It is interesting to know this process complex and also know that it in the hands of expert people (Robot), which reduces time and bad experience in the airports. Technology and logistics have evolved and it is very good.

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