In our last lesson of innovation management, we watched a short video about Upalet, the carton pallet, which is an innovation in the market of pallets. Despite it was in the class of innovation management, I also could appreciate​ a connection with logistics, so I decided to introduce you this new product as an alternative to the traditional pallets, and also its advantages described in its features.

Its main features are the following ones:


Between 1kg to 8 kg compared to 32 kg that can weigh the current pallets


Developed with materials that are not harmful to the environment.Reduces CO2

Recyclable. Sustainable.

The carton pallet is 100% recyclable, even has a residual value that allows the owner to recover part of his investment.

Compact. Accessible.

Thanks to its interlocking stacked for can be stored in a much more compact way, reducing space and optimising transport and storage.


Because of its weight and the useless of metal things is safer avoiding serious accidents. For example, when my father was working as a truck driver, once a pallet fell on his head and cause him a lot of pain. With Upalet, he would avoid suffering that much.


Able to hold 4000Kg the maximum.


Competitive price in the market.

As we can see, the Upalet represents a trend-setting product, which is not only with better features than the current pallets but also is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Have a look at this promotional video, where you can see in a more fun way the things I just have said. Hope you enjoy!



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