Quick Pallet Maker


Quick Pallet Maker is pallet loading and package design software application that allows the user to calculate optimal secondary package dimensions and pallet arrangements, thus reducing shipping costs, it was developed by Koona, LLC a US-based Software Engineering company.

They are mainly focused on small and medium sized companies, particularly manunfacturers and packaging operators. But not leaving behind corporations.

The software is pretty user friendly and as said before it includes different key features that will allow the user to perfectly manage their packaging operations making it more efficient:

  • Calculation: Complex features for calculating the ideal dimension of each item so as to fit the latter’s capacity.
  • Container fill: Assists the user in organizing multiple-sized objects in a container. It takes into account the dimension of each box and suggests the way how they should be heap up so as the whole cargo gets in.
  • Optimizing costs: Indicates the user how large each pallet should be so as to get a maximum number loaded into a single cargo.

Quick Pallet Maker also has a YouTube channel for their customers to get free tutorials on how to apply the software features, for example, the presented video allows the customers to learn on how the “Filling Containers with Boxes” feature works, providing them to calculate and better fit their delivering order.



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