Ford’s Green Manufacturing

As a international, very recognized and leading brand in the automotive sector, Ford, has been working to reduce the environmental impact from their supply chain involving different green programs to their processes, they have launched the Partnership for A Cleaner Environment (PACE) program that has grown to more than 40 suppliers in 40 countries, the program was originally focused on water and energy conservation, but has now grown offering best practices for reducing waste, carbon dioxide and air emissions.

Their green energy production plant is located in Dagenham, England. On the main plant is the Dagenham Diesel Center, the first automotive plant to receive from the on-site turbiness, 100% of the electricity for its manufacturing needs.

Now Ford’s European vehicles are using mor than 250 pieces containing non-metallic recycled materials (plastic, rubber and cloth). What each year supposes that some 14,000 tons of materials do not finish in the landfills. They have also developed a complete recycling program, which includes the “design for recycling” guidelines, improves the use of recycled materials and reduces the use of hazardous materials.

Last but not least, Mary Wroten, senior manager of Ford Supply Chain Sustainability said, “As a company, it’s important that we make quality products and minimize the impact on the environment by doing things the right way”.






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