One of the world’s main concerns nowadays are the natural resources; they are becoming more and more scarce that is why people, mostly environmentalists are worried about our future and are looking for ways of prevention and savings. With this concerns, two spanish guys got to an amazing idea that is called AquaReturn; a device that recirculates the cold water first and then tempered until it reaches 35ºC, which allows to save energy. This device works when the user open the tap they do not have to wait until the water reaches the desired temperature, usually the user need to wait a couple of seconds until the water turns warm and those seconds are a waste that this device is avoiding.


AquaReturn is a product design for home use and it works with a boiler, thermo or individual heater but it can also be use in companies or tourist establishment since the since the return system can help for instance hotels that have a high consumption of energy and this system will suit them very good, as well as for families.


This device prevent the water from flowing out until it reaches its consumption temperature, generating significant savings in water, energy and CO2 emissions, resulting in huge economic savings.

In the following image will help you understand the functionality of the device:






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