Logistics: Keypoint on population growth

I would like to introduce what most of you know but it worries me a bit: Population growth.

In the next figure, we will see population growth forecast until 2100. Since we are already 7 billion people, with limited resources and with a lot of demand, this means that we must make a lot of advances to reach a sustainable world.

Population growth.jpg

Having a quick overview on the figure, we can see that most of the growth is forcasted to be in undeveloped countries, provided with less infrastructure. Moreover, from a globalized perspective, we are on our way to a more connected world, with more specialized countries where all of us export and import products from everywhere. For example, in Spain we receive daily a huge variety of products from China, wood from Finland or Marble from Brazil, on the other hand  we send cars to Austria, furniture to France and vegetables to Germany. But what does this last assumption imply in a more connected world, with a growing population and therefore a growing demand?

Let’s remember what is logistic to understand clearly how important is becoming:

Logistics image

As we see in the picture, logistics it is not just about equipments, goods or material, but also time, energy and information. If it is difficult nowadays with the resources and technology we are provided with, How difficult can it become? Are we ready to face this situation? What do we need to advance in order to overcome it?

Logistics has always been a key point in human development, but we have never faced an exponential growth as this one, will we be capable to sustainably overcome this situation? We are facing a huge challenge that will determine the future of human being and logistics (and other aspects/disciplines too) will play a central role on it.

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