Pokayoke and Supply Chain

Pokayoke is a simple technique that was developed from Toyota’s production system (Lean methodology) and usually consists in a simple and low-cost device that prevents errors from occurring or detects them, so that you do not go to the next operation. This way of working increases the effectiveness of control by overcoming the inefficiencies of inspection.

The supply chain benefits from pokayoke. Examples are the following situations:

Detection of human errors, alert for something inevitable in daily operations and giving the opportunity to step back and correct them on time.

Detection of simple errors, such as the existence of duplicates, in shipments or documentation:

Detection of mistakes that would otherwise have been unforeseen, spelling mistakes that affect the direction of a shipment, errors in punctuation marks that vary the amount of an invoice or any other similar type of failure that can negatively influence the reputation. , Customer confidence and its positioning in the market.

Example of Pokayoke:


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