Differences between Logistic and Supply Chain

All we have learned that this subject is oriented mainly to logistic and supply chain but is important to know that there are not the same thing.

Supply Chain is an integrated method to manage all the distribution channels flow and information flow inside the organization or out of it, such as: supplier, manufacturer, distributor and final consumer.

Resultado de imagen de que es supply chain

Logistic is an operative function that includes all the processes and activities necessaries to manage the storage of raw materials and components, stock in process and final products to bring them in the right quantity, in the correct place and at the appropriate time. Also to order and purchase planning is a logistic task. Logistic is part of the Supply Chain.

Resultado de imagen de logistic

The main differences between them are:

  • Logistics seeks to offer the best service at the lowest cost, to deliver quality products to the customer. In the supply chain are already in charge of finding raw materials of quality at a good price, so that the costs are not high.
  • The logistics delivers the product on time; The supply chain seeks to improve those times and that of other activities.
  • Logistic is part of the supply chain, but supply chain is a much wide process.

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