CAUCEDO LOGISTICS CENTER First Logistics Center inside a port in the America Regions!!!


How does Dominican Republic offer a powerful combination of logistics services?

planeta_w1024_elipse-2As retailers and other logistics experts understand, global logistics planning is all about efficiency, and that’s what Caucedo offers. The Port of Caucedo is only one component of the Caucedo Logistics Center, where seaport, airport, and warehousing operations are combined in a single site. The entire zone was designed to serve near-sourcing and multi-destination shipments in a strategic Caribbean location that is 27 days, or more, closer to the final market than Asia.

So, What is Caucedo Logistics Center?

CLC is undoubtedly the best integrated logistics solution in the region, located at the midpoint of the Americas and center of the Caribbean, its strategic location provides the best platform for regional distribution and a perfect opportunity for companies to enhance the efficiency of its supply chain.

Providing up to 300,000m² of built-to-suit warehouses available for lease inside DP World Caucedo Port, allowing for unparalleled savings in transportation costs and offering efficient customs procedures.

Multimodal Connection

Right next to Las Americas International Airport, its position increases the flexibility for companies to quickly expedite their cargo either by air or sea.


Competitive Advantage

Caucedo is already one of the major transshipment port of the region, serving as hub for 16 of the major shipping lines in the industry. Its location provides the least standard deviation for the main East-West and North-South shipping routes.

DR has a population of over 10.5M and is currently the #1 economy in the Caribbean and #1 recipient of FDI in Central America and the Caribbean.

Our robust Free Zone law offers unparalleled incentives allowing for more than 55 Free Zone parks and over 533 multinational companies to use the DR as their manufacturing and logistics hub.

With advanced road infrastructure and an availability of well-trained, multi-skilled and competitively priced labour force, the DR is the ideal location to develop your logistics infrastructure.

Adding to that, the location of the CLC makes it ideal for multimodal operations being located inside the port and roughly 5 minutes away from the Las Americas International Airport. In a second phase, the project will include an airport expressway running directly from the project to the cargo terminal of the airport.

Benefits of CLC

  • Significant reduction in supply chain costs
  • Improved product availability and visibility of inventory
  • Improved time-to-market of key product lines
  • Increased efficiencies “DC bypass” and cross-docking
  • Reduction in transportation costs
  • Reduced inventory across the supply chain
  • Reduced road congestion and environmental pollution



  • High quality class A warehouses
  • Modules available starting at 890m² (column free)
  • 10m clear height
  • Precast concrete beams structure – Less columns than average warehouse allowing more efficient use of space


  • Free zone benefits for users 
  • Multimodal connection 
  • Available for immediate construction
  • Excellent multi-modal national and international transport connections
  • Direct access to DP World Caucedo Port
  • Inside Primary Customs Area

The CLC will offer all services needed for companies to effectively run their operations:

  • 24/7 operations
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel
  • Waste/garbage disposal
  • Fiber optics connections
  • Electrical sub-station and backup generation
  • Technical vocational training centers
  • Banks, food service and shipping agencies
  • Security patrol 24/7 – Connected to Port’s CCTV monitoring system



On July 11th of 2016, IKEA and Caucedo Logistics Center (CLC) celebrated the start of construction of the new IKEA regional logistics operations building, strategically located in the facilities of Caucedo. This logistics center will be the main logistics redistribution platform of IKEA for the Caribbean and America, receiving goods from different geographical areas for consolidation and redistribution from DR.



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