The Hyperloop: the future of transportation

Historically, the progress in transportation has been hampered by the difficulties to manage friction and air resistance, having into account that both factors increase considerably with velocity.

These obstacles are defeated thanks to a new transportation prototype that is seeking to attain the incredible speed of 1200 km/h becoming the fastest mode of transport in the world. We are talking about the Hyperloop.

How the hyperloop works?

Basically, the concept created by Elon Musk consists on a vacuum tube with low pressure air where the capsules carrying passengers or freights would be pushed along by a series of electromagnets.

The next interesting video of only 2 minutes admirably explains how the hyperloop technology works.

Advantages of hyperloop for freight transport

  • Rapidity: the hyperloop can connect LA with San Francisco in just 30 minutes while the drive between these cities is six to eight hours.
  • Cheaper for the customer: this technology is a self-sufficient system reducing this way the costs and reducing at the same time the cost for the customer.
  • Arrival more frequently: Hyperloop pods are expected to arrive every 30 to 120 seconds.
  • Reduction of pollution: thanks to its powered with solar panels instead of fossil fuels.
  • Avoid the waiting cost for traffic jams.
  • Immune to weather (wind, ice fog, rain and so on)
  • Resistant to earthquakes
  • Safer

These advantages suppose great improvements for the logistics, like the possibility of sending pallets and containers on-demand, the getting of a better communication between the different actors of the supply chain and a sustainable supply chain.

In the video bellow, you can watch some of the advantages pointed.


Our colleagues from the Polytechnic University of Valencia won the last year the prestigious Hyperloop Pod competition sponsored by SpaceX, obtaining the Top Design Concept Award and Propulsion/Compression Subsystem Technical Excellence Award.

I suggest you that you watch this last video in order to know more about their beautiful history.

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