To continue with my past post about navigability in Colombia’s most important river, i thought about addressing one important fact that the post says, it doesn’t matter if they improve the navigability of the river and build all the docks and the ports to load and unload the barges if there are no roads available to transport the merchandise from and to the ports.

My country’s topography is mainly mountains arround which they have built narrow two lane roads which do not comply with any standards of transportation and through which not only trucks but cars and buses drive, mostly facing clifs in one side and huge mountains in the other. This is the reason why the government has been workining on what is called 4th generation highways.

This road infraestructure project aims to build and license about 8.000 km of roads which include 1.370 km of double lanes and 159 tunnels. But in order to have logistical corridors they need, among others:

  • Strategically placed container yards
  • Scales installed in the corridor
  • Scheduling dispatches and deliveries with I.T systems and tracking technology
  • Procedures for entry and recovery of containers
  • Head offices for controlling loading and unloading turns
  • Aereal load centers
  • Transporter’s service center
  • Adaptations of urban paths
  • Reactivation of railroads

All the above is contained in the governments plan to develop not only the 4G highways but the logistical corridors in order to improve Colombia’s competitiveness, lower trasnsportations fees from the cities which are inside the country and from which the merchandise has to come out to the sea to be exported and vice versa.



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