Alfilpack Valencian company and the use of paperboard pallets

During the last lesson in logistics, the teacher was explaining us about products and logistics. In it we were talking about the barcodes, product packaging and also about pallets. The last one issue was quite interesting for me as we continuously see pallets in transportation and everywhere, but you never realise about the importance that this product has in our life. This product makes the transport of every product easier and is used in every type of transport (plane, ship, truck, train…).

Therefore, I decided to search information about the materials of the pallets, and I came with a new that was talking about a resistant paperboard pallet implementation in Valencia.

Resultado de imagen de ALFILPACK palet de cartonIt was done by a Valencian company called Alfilpack, which is dedicated to the paperboard industry, as they realised that this can be as resistant as the wood manufactured ones and with some other advantages. They bought the patent to Lifdek, an American company that was who had invented this design.

They made different resistance tests and they obtained that this kind of pallet could support 4,000 kilograms of load in static. Moreover, this kind of pallet brings some important advantages. They are totally recyclable and its weight is lower than 4 kilograms, so it suppose a considerably energetic save in the transport and, also, a save in in the storage because it can be delivered both assembled or not as its assembly is very simple (it takes less than one minute). Owing to its resistance is mainly indicated for the distribution and export of toys, footwear or food, with the added advantage that it doesn’t need a phytosanitary treatment as the wood pallets.

So as you can see, not only the packaging are starting being environmentally friendly, but the pallets can follow the same way and with good properties and advantages than the old ones.


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