3D-Printed Shoes?


3D Printing technology has been with us for a while now, offering adaptation and customization in various areas, from construction to manufacturing and even gastronomy.

Quite recently, Adidas has announced the Futurecraft 4D – their most ambitious shoes yet, which makes use of the new advanced 3D Printing technology from the Silicon Valley company Carbon. The mid-sole of the shoe is created using the Continuous Liquid Interface Production process. Faster, more adaptable and offering better product quality than traditional additive printing, this technology enables mass production through 3D printing. With the time from designing to production much reduced, Adidas can quickly make batch of limited edition shoes or even soles that are designed to fit the weight and foot shape of a specific customer.

At the moment, Adidas and Carbon are trying to find a way to reduce the production cost to make their Futurecraft 4D more affordable. But even so, the price for this product will still lie within the premium range.



One thought on “3D-Printed Shoes?”

  1. There will be a time where people (because I won’t be in that era) will printed much of the things by their own, and in this moment, what companies are going to do…

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