LLadró Packaging

As studying the lecture about product and logistics that was related to containers, pallets, boxes, Barcodes, RFID labels etc. I was thinking about a company whose packaging is completely involved with the product. This company is Lladró, which is a Spanish Brand dedicated since 1952 to the creation of art porcelain figurines at the brand’s only Factory in the world, in Valencia.

I have always had at home a lot of these porcelains because that was my dad’s souvenir from his trips to Spain. This means that part of his luggage were those delicate figurines and they get home intact and I wanted to know how that happens.

lladro mujer

While searching about the packaging of Lladró I figured out that the packaging was part of the process of the product because even though the customer was not traveling with them, they had to take them home in some way. So, the final step of the Lladró sculptors is the figurine packaging, which is made with a cardboard box, specially-designed for each piece of the porcelain whose main job is to ensure the figurines are suitable protected for the transport. As it is shown in the image below:


As you can see the porcelain comes in a box that is specifically created to fit in, because as it was my doubt Lladró have to ensure it arrives to the customer’s hume is perfect conditions. Customers should also know about it because the unpacking is not that easy, they have to be patient and not force the cardboard a lot so the figure is not damage.


In conclusion, depending on the product features companies need to take into account the way of packaging them either for delivering to the customer or to storage it without damaging it.





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