In the last class of logistics we interact with different interesting topics one of them was about traceability, this topic is focused in the ability to verify origin, ubication and application of an object through an archived document and to discover the information about where and how a product was made or invented.

Another important point is the Traceability Requirement, which focuses on tracking all the cases with test and allows users to find the origin of each requirement and follow all the changes they made at the beginning of the requirement.

There are different areas in which you can apply traceability, some of them are:

Logistic: Refers to the capability for tracing goods along the distribution chain on a batch number or series number basis.

Materials: Refers to associate a finished part with results of a test performed on a sample.

Supply Chain: Illustrating the fact that the products they sell are manufactured in factories with safe working conditions .

Forest product: Improving effectiveness and efficiency and Increasing transparency.


Below we will see a video that shows how the traceability allows you to Track Lost & Serial numbers on demands.




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