The transport of the merchandise can be affected by a bad choice in the packaging of the product. As we have discussed in class, there are many factors to take into account, the most important are:

  • The stability of the load.
  • The amount of unit load to be carried.
  • The change in transport or in the vehicle.
  • The type of good of the commercial exchange.
  • The unitary load standards across the supply chain.
  • Resistance of packaging material to climatic changes.
  • The distance that will have to travel in the¬†transport.
  • The intensity of the manipulation to which it will be subjected during the journey and until reaching its destination.

Based on these factors will have to determine the most suitable type of packaging, which will help to prevent the breakage of goods, their loss or deterioration.


From my point of view, choosing the packaging is an important decision. Consider commercial and marketing aspects, such as consumer tastes in the destination country or the trend in the local market; But also the practical part should be evaluated. Must be assessed:

  • The adequacy of the manipulation.
  • The need to contain, isolate or protect depends on the product.
  • The applicable regulations: which may require the packaging to include certain information or its translation into the local language.


However, in all the different packaging options, it is necessary to take into account the Price, Risk and Normative.

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