4 influencing trends in the packaging industry

In the last lecture we talked deeply about the main characteristics in the packaging industry. Watching about some additional information I found an interesting text about the most influencing trends in this market. I think it’s worth writing about it because it summarizes the whole lecture.

  1. Sustainability:

During the lecture we had a short discussion about that subject. According to the text the generation of LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) has a high demand on packages which are easy to recycle and are eco-friendly produced

  1. Active Packaging:

The goal is to create a packaging which extends the shelf-life of the product. Intelligent Indicators like             Time/Temperature or Number of Opening events should help to estimate the quality of the product

  1. Digital Printing:

This trend is a reaction on the challenging individualization and the market customization. Digital Printing will allow the industry to extend the speed to market and to fulfill the demand on mass-customization

  1. Mobil Revolution:

The connection between mobile devices and products will go in the next round. QR-Codes are too complicated to use and thus were not often used. Techniques like Near-Field-Communication (NFC) will make it easier and more efficient.




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