GS1 personal experience

Before having to work on this topic for Logistics class I knew about bar codes but when I started to read on this topic I started to understand how important for business world is GS1 and how they help each of us day by day.

GS1 is an international non profit organization that provides these supply chain standards for industry (Retailers, Health, transport, logistic, etc.). It serve to identify, capture and share information between different stakeholdersIn the next video you will see how GS1 has helped us during the years and the impact it has had on business.

One way to understand crearly how it works is by watching the next video, that shows with examples how it works.

Curiously this week, I have had my first professional experience with this topic. Usually we are used to see how the logistics of Amazon work to deliver products to customers fastly, but what are the options from different points of view?

From sellers perspective, you can do it by your own or contract the fullfilment by Amazon service. This is what is the fullfilment by Amazon.

To contract the fullfilment by Amazon service there is some requirements, how it works?

Among all the requeriments to use this service, one of the main is having an EAN code that gives the information about each product to be processed and shared with the Amazon logistics team to properly communicate with the final consumer.


The image above shows an EAN code needed to work with amazon and gives the information about the origin of the product, manufacturer information, product details and serial number.

As I said before, I was not aware about the importance of GS1 until these days, when I clairly saw the importance of this way to communicate with the different stakeholders by using standar forms that really help and ease the business trade.

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