Futuristic Forklifters. Super nice. Super interesting.

So, recently my boyfriend started working at a forklifter company and he is completely in love with their new products now. As a consequence I get dozens of videos and pictures every day and I to be honest.. It is indeed really cool. So I wanted to show you what already happens in warehouses nowadays!!

The forklifters (I call all kind of logistic vehicles in a warehouse forklifter to keep it simple) are already 100% autonomous! For me that’s kind of insane. According to their current order, they follow you without any needed additional  action (like a dog), they pick up orders from shelfs or load and unload trucks. No lines on the floors – no remote control. MAGICAL!! The machines and the products communicate over a so called internet of things and know best what is going to happen. High tech sensors allow the forklifters to move free within the warehouse and to avoid accidents with plopping up obstacles like people.

The latest innovation of the company is called Cube XX which unites 6 functions in one device. Check out the video to see it!!

(I Chose the short version without sound, but you can also find a longer one with super annoying music if you prefer that one ;))

For me, it’s really impressive what technology is already able to do nowadays, but it also has some negative aspects. If the technology can do everything on its own human workforce will not be needed anymore. Many jobs will disappear which will lead to major problems. There must be soon an awakening to prevent this situation: the people must be higher qualified in order to be competitive and work together with the machines and not to be replaced by them.


– my boyfriend.


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