Backhaul: taking advantage of returning vehicles

In many cases you have been seen, how a vehicle made a full delivery and went back to its point of return with empty hands. It is customary to think that this is what happens when making deals but, would be better to go to deliver a package and return to your starting point with another type of merchandise taking advantage of the trip. (This exists in the world of logistics and it´s called backhaul).

Often, backhaul is used in different types of companies, specially in centralized distribution companies such as beverages, household items and those who use some kind of waste to incorporate back into their process and obtain a benefit.

Examples :


The idea is simple; Once the merchandise is delivered, on the way back the vehicle is stopping to those companies that have to return merchandise, products or packaging to the point of return. This type of reverse logistics that is characterized by the return of travels with useful merchandise, brings many benefits for companies that opt for it:

  • Increased workload.
  • Save time in deliveries.
  • Supply more customers.
  • Higher priority to customers.
  • It can be seen as a new way of business.
  • Cost optimization. Cost reduction in the company that supply the material and the company that collect the merchandise.

When the company do the normal route and the return, prevents that other suppliers have to go to the distribution company with the load. With this measure is less contaminated because less CO2 is emitted to the atmosphere by the reduction of trips of the trucks.

When designing a backhaul strategy you have to take into account mainly the planning of delivery routes and collection.

                                                                                                                                    Willy M. De Leon

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