A different way to buy: Glovo

Resultado de imagen de glovo

Despite that this idea came up to my mind during a lesson of Service and Sales, I wanted to share it with all my classmates to show how the delivery systems are constantly changing.

A few months ago, while I was in the bus on the way to my house, I saw a bycicle with a yellow bag in the back part with the name Glovo written in it. However, I didn’t realise, until one of my friends talked to me about a company called Glovo, that it was doing food deliveries at home, so immediately it came to my mind that day in the bus, so I decided to investigate about it.

This company called “Glovo” was previously working in Madrid and Barcelona, and through a smartphone App you can buy, receive or send any product of the same city and receive it in less than an hour.

They differentiate from other competitors offering the restaurants our own delivery service, where those restaurants just have to cook and prepare the order.

But, how do they do it? I think it is a very good idea, in a way that everybody can participate. What they do is get involved the customers and the “glovers” through the app. The “glovers” are independent couriers that accept and performance with total flexibility in a maximum guaranteed time of one hour. The requirement to be a “glover is being at least 18 years old, have an own vehicle, mainly a motorbike or bicycle, and a smartphone. Moreover, the shipping cost is 4.90 € and the “glover” earns a 70-80% of that amount.

Resultado de imagen de glovo

Once the delivery has been done, the user can pay through the app and assess the “glover”, so if any of you are interested in proving this app, the only thing you have to do is uploading it in your smartphones and buy what you are interested in.

Source: http://valenciaplaza.com/llega-a-valencia-glovo-mensajeria-expres-basada-en-economia-colaborativa


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