Last time in class we discussed about queue. How to deal with it in a logistic way. This made me think about how long do we wait in our lives on average including pretty much anything.

Get ready for numbers then!
According to a Timex survey, Americans wait:

  • on average of 20 minutes a day for the bus or train
  • 32 minutes whenever they visit a doctor
  • 28 minutes in security lines whenever they travel
  • 21 minutes for a significant other to get ready to go out
  • 13 hours annually waiting on hold for a customer service
  • 38 hours each year waiting in traffic
  • those living in Big cities wait in traffic more than 50 hours annually

= about 37 billion hours each year waiting in line somewhere
Human beings spend approximately 6 months of their lives waiting in line for things, it means like 3 days a year of queueing up. The average person spends about 43 days on hold with automated customer service in one lifetime. Those who take the bus will wait about 27 days of their lives waiting around on the platform or at the bus stop.

And what about our Phones?

  • We spend 23 days a year on our phones
  • 90 minutes a day
  • 9 years of the average person’s life


The “Phone” means to call somebody but this is now the sixth most used feature. Before there are social media and gaming. Web browsing come top of the list with people spending 24% of their mobile browsing the web, closely followed by time spent on apps. 57% of the persons assert they don’t need any more an alarm clock and 50% of those who wear a watch use anyway the phone as first choice for knowing the time.

This lead me to the internationally famous queue for the launch of every iPhone, since 2007 they increased and expanded their features.

According to a source, intern at Bloomberg News, the first man in the queue have been waiting since August-25 – which means more than 10 days before the iPhone 7 was unveiled. In New York, strange things might happen: like a spot in sale for 300$ or other Apple fans who are paying other to queue for them. A “pro line-sitter” claim that he got paid 3.400$ per week just to wait there. Tents have been pitched on the pavement outside the shop and several people were sitting in foldable chairs.

In New Zealand, the queue was taken to another level: the first 100 customers got a robot to wait in line for them and this will allowed the customers to wait in line using FaceTime.





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