Different queues at Primark and Zara

Nowadays, these are two of the most important stores for consumers. However, they are related to a very different type of client and regarding to their queues management also they are different.

Primark has in all his stores the same system:

  •  Unique queue controlled by an algorithm that shows the customer which is the cashier he has to go to.
    • This system is fair since every client is going to spend almost the same time in the queue (there are no wrong queues).
    • The time variations in the queue that may occur depend on the number of items purchased, the number of servers available (around 10) and the mistakes that may happend while paying.

The average time in the Primark queue are 12 minutes which is a big amount of time, but meanwhile customers have acces to a lots of products offered in the queue lay out which is disposed in a “s” form. The characteristics of such a time during the Primark queue are this:

  • Prices are very low, so the average number of items purchased by a client is really high (between 6 and 10).
  • The stores size is really large (10.000 m2). This leads to more people and longer queues.

Nevertheless, Zara has much better product quality than Primark so is realted to a different client that is willing to pay more money for better products.

  • The queues at Zara are smaller and shorter.
  • They have not an interactive algorithm as Primark, and depending on the store the queueing system is a unique queue or parallel queues, but the most used system is the unique queue.
  • Time variations in the queue are the same that at Primark.
  • During the queue few products are provided and usually they are not clothes, they may be sunglasses, jewellery, etc.
  • Normally Zara has only two cashiers available.
  • Prices are higher, so the average amount of items purchased are much lower than in Primark (from 1 to 3). This reduces the queue lenght.
  • The average size of the Zara’s stores is 1.200 m2, which makes queues much shorter due to the small space comparing to primark.

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