Walt Disney World now testing virtual queue system at water parks

The objective of a queuing system is to find out the optimum service rate and the number of servers, so that the average cost of being in queuing system and the cost of service are minimized.

By nature, the service companies most affected by queues and the waiting time of the customers, are those which offer services of entertainment and more if they are for the children´s market. This is the case of Walt Disney. 

“Virtual queue” is not literally a new concept for Walt Disney, in Universal Studios Tour in Hollywood they had used a FastPass,  boarding pass for the World Famous Studio Tour where guest would be given “return times” when entering the park to encourage guests to experience other shows and attractions in the park as opposed to waiting for hours in line.

Now as Universal Orlando sets to opening Volcano Bay Water Theme Park in late may they are introducing another concept “Virtual queue” hat has been floating around small parks for years but this will be the first large scale use in the United States, TapuTapu a wearable pager of sorts that will let guests know when it is time to head to which ever water slide with no wait.

A virtual queue allows guests to “save a spot” in the line for an attraction without physically standing there, so they can enjoy the wave pool or lazy river while waiting their turn on a wristband. Current virtual queue testing includes Downhill Double Dipper, Slush Gusher and Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach, and the new Miss Adventure Falls at Typhoon Lagoon.

TapuTapu Wearable bands

The guests should visit a  distribution table as the walk up the mountain and are given a return time to Summit Plummet later in the day. They need to used a wristband, that is just a hard plastic card on a rubber band with the attraction name, return time window, and legal jargon on the back; that is, instead of a paper ticket, the time will be printed on a waterproof card attached to the wristband. When guests return during their appointed 15-minute window, they should experience a nominal wait before riding.

The current test of this virtual queue system is set to run through April 7th.




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