One plane ticket for the dead uncle, please..

I know, this topic is very strange. But did you ever think about what happens if someone dies during the holidays?

In general, there are two common ways for human remains transport: car and plane. While the transfer is usually done by car for neighbor countries or short distances, long distances must be done by planes.

Did you know, that the probability is quite high that if you are on your plane to the holidays or back you travel together with a corpse?! Dead bodies are usually treated as delicate cargo -but still cargo- and are put in the freight room of the plane. To “keep the meat fresh” there are special requirements before a corpse can be shipped. Besides the certificate of death they need an own “corpse passport” and the transport must be accompanied by a funeral company. In some countries the wood must have a certain thickness or the corpse must be balsamed, but typically the only requirement is a sealed cinced coffin.

“Fun” facts:

costs: depending on country and insurance up to 6.500€

In order other passengers do not get afraid the coffins are put in a special box.


if only human organs are transported, they are even in the cabin with you in the hand luggage storage

if someone dies during a flight, they sometimes put alcohol on his tray, sleeping mask on and pretend him to be sleeping.

Sorry for the disturbing post guys 😉


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