3D printing in a delivery truck

The delivery truck stops in front of your house to deliver your ordered product, while in the load bed of the truck a 3D printer finalizes your product to completion. The idea to produce during a delivery is a method Amazon is about to receive a patent for.

With this method Amazon wants to achieve a much faster delivery process. In the best case, the customer would receive the ordered product after a short time after the ordering process. This will lead to higher customer satisfaction. On the other hand Amazon could save a lot of money by reducing warehouse capacity close to their customers because they don´t have to store the products due to the production during delivery.

In logistics it is an important a present discussion about when, where and how much of a type of a product should be produced to ensure permanent availability with a minimum of inventory.

Maybe this method would change this discussion totally.

But of course this procedure has its limits. Nowadays only a small amount of products can be produced with the 3D printing technology but maybe in the future this technology is matured enough to let the Amazons dream of driving manufacturing plants become true.




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