The queueing problem that affect us every friday.


Last friday we were wainting for take our lunch in the Trinquet Restaurant. And Arguisti say to me that it could be a good example that we should study in this blog or in class. So I ask him if i could write it, and he gives me the OK.


Firstly, I would explain the human resources that they have:

Human resources:

3 cookers that they elaborate breakfast, mid-morning meal, lunch, and afternoon snack. They start at 8 am. and they end at 17h. (8 hours and 1 hour to eat)

6 waiters that they arrive at different hours and they go home after its 9 hours (7.30-16.30, 8.00- 17.00, 9.00-18.00, 9.30-18.30, 10.00-18.00 and 11.00-20.00). This strategy allows it to have the restaurant opened from 8 am till 20h  and  the full staff working at the peak hour from 14.00 to 15.00.



In the next image we can observe the layout of Trinquet’s restaurant. Firstly, there is the kitchen where the 3 cookers receive the food, store it and cook it. Secondly, in the public place, there is one place to take one dish menu or sandwitches which is served by 2 waiters. One coffee and snacks place served by one waiter. And another place where the students take their menu by two waiters. Finally, there is a place, tipically for teachers, where one waiter serve the menu for them.


The peak hour

In this peak hour, the time that you spend from you arrive to the menu’s queue, till you pay it’s about 15 min. If you arrive earlier (14h) or later (15h) you will spend between 10 and 15 minutes and if you arrive at 14.30, you could spend almost 20 min.

As I said earlier, the menu’s place is served by 2 waiters that they have to serve, refill when they run out of something and collect the money. So it makes big queues at the peak hour. How we can see in the next images:

Making the queue:


Waiting for been served (nobody there)


Waiting for pay our menu (waitress, refilling desserts)IMG_20170324_143725

¿Possible solutions?

One thing that they already do very well is that cookers bring the food to the showcase. Avoiding that one of the waiters has to go for it.

Some possible solutions could be:

-The coffee waiter could help to refill or collect money to the menu place.

-Put in a paper, near the cash machine that the price is 4.90€, with two dishes, dessert and water, and it you take another drink 5.20€. This way, no-frequently students could know how much it is, and have the money prepared.

Hire one more person, could be a student for working from 14h till 15h, 13h till 15h or 13h till 16h.

We hope that this post makes you think about possible solutions in order to collect them and explain it to the restaurant Staff.

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