Lunar space elevator

Since 19th century, an elevator as a transport to the space has been a dream, something unrealistic, according to Elon Musk (click on the name to check the video). Well probably it was some years ago, but thanks to nanotechnology advances it has become already a project.

A project hold by a japanese company named Obayashi corporation, who plans to start the construction in 2025, wants to create an elevator from earth to the moon. It will allow transporting cargo and humans into space, being able to save up to 90% of space transport costs of payloads. It consists in a 96.000 km long nanotube cable. Just the cable could take 20 years to build.

Next video shows virtually how it would be and gives some interesting information  (some already mentioned) about the project and the material needed.

Nowadays it is just a project, a lot of sceptics argue against the viability of the project, others trust on the team behind it. But avoiding this information, Can you imagine how this project could change the spacial logistics forever? It could avoid the use of rockets, it could hugely reduce transportation costs, it could help us to reach easier spacial research, and so on.

Is it feasible? What do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know your opinion.


One thought on “Lunar space elevator”

  1. I mean, the idea is indeed nice. But I’m also very sceptical. Simply the fact of earth rotation is something that can do a severe damage on the space elevator. And what should people do up there if it’s fixed? I mean they cannot go out for a walk in the space.. the only imaginable thing is to get rid of waste. But I’m also pretty sure that putting waste in the free universe is on long term perspective a good idea for our planet..
    do you know how long it would take to get up there?

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