How the supply chain can be inefficient due to the 8 wastes (MUDA)

In Supply Chain, there is a lot of work that goes from the placing of orders of products to the delivery of the materials to the customer and therefore if the following wastes are not controlled, the chain can become very inefficient on the way.

1. TransportUnnecessary movement of materials, parts of the finished product to / from the warehouse, to / from other areas or processes.

2. Inventory – Excessive storage of raw material or materials, product in process and finished product.

3. Motion – Any physical movement or displacement that the personnel perform that does not add value to the product or service.

4. Waiting – Staff waiting for information, work instructions, materials, parts or tools needed to perform their work; Clients or visitors waiting to be served; Pieces waiting to continue processing; Machinery stopped by faults,

5. Over production – Making more than is IMMEDIATELY required. Process items earlier or in greater quantity than the one required by the client.

6. Over processing – Perform unnecessary or non-valuable procedures: counting, accommodating, inspecting, reviewing or duplicating processes. Use inappropriate tool or equipment, develop features or functions in products that are not valued by customers, etc.

7. Defects – Correction of errors and re-work derived from the identification of nonconformities or returns of the customer, destroy or re-process products that do not meet the optimal conditions of quality, etc.

8. Skills – Do not take advantage of the creativity and intelligence of employees, their skills and potential to eliminate waste, improve productivity, solve quality problems and innovate.



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